Hello. I’m Marianne and I help Dutch people produce fluent English texts.

Yes we know that you Dutchies speak brilliant English. But written English is, to quote Louis van Gaal, another biscuit.

Four major crimes that a text can commit are: ambiguity, inconsistency, inaccuracy and verbosity. They distract the audience from your message.

It’s my business (and pleasure) to produce English texts that are clear, consistent, accurate and concise.

It doesn’t bother me whether your source text is in English, Dutch or a mixture of the two. What bothers me is that I  produce a coherent English text. And if you’d rather not write at all, hit me with your ideas and I’ll produce the English text that you and your audience need.

Sound promising? Then contact me now.


You need an English translation of a Dutch text, but why should you hire me?

Seeing as we’re in the Netherlands, lets use a bike metaphor. We’ve just bought my daughter a new bike, a low-end model. In the little time that we’ve had it, the pedals catch against the chain guard, the stand is too flimsy and now the chain has come off.

It’s unreliable and wasting our time. We got what we paid for.

Which brings us back to translation. Do you want your client to be able to understand your message immediately? Do you want your client to think you are reliable? That’s why you should hire me.

Have I convinced you? Then contact me now.


As a Dutch speaker you may rely on Dutch conventions when writing English, such as subparagraphs or the frequent use of brackets. You may also say I go instead of I am going or if instead of when or use a confusing mix of registers.

All of this can distract your audience from your message, even if they’re not language pedants. It can even make your message incomprehensible. Which is why you need me to check your English texts for the above and more.

Need me to edit your English text? Contact me now.


Writing about complex topics for an internal audience is one thing, but about when you need to talk to the outside world? In English.

That’s where I come in. I’m a techie and a linguist: a nerdsmith. I can:

  • help Dutch companies communicate with international markets to get their voice heard;
  • translate complex information into powerful messages that sell products and services;
  • discuss your ideas in Dutch and turn them into English content.

Let me focus on what I do best so you can focus on what you do best.

Think we can work together? Please feel free to contact me.


Having lived in the Netherlands for 20 years, I speak fluent Dutch and am au fait with Dutch cultural references. (I can also flag up any cultural assumptions that a non-Dutch person won’t understand). As a native English speaker I produce texts in British English.